Ogre Caverns

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Loot Drops:

  • Familiar Gear of Gukag (All)
  • Floral Edge
  • Magic Shield
  • Ogre Patriarch's Hide (crafting)

Dungeon Tip:

- Storage Room door - requires steel key or lockpicks (Beginners Lockpicking). Spell of Unlock does not work (per Seyance, June 2018) The key is a random drop, and is reusable.

- Floral Edge farming - 20 runs with just main fights and storage room produced 3 Floral Edge (~15% drop rate)

Name Level Align Dam Traits Resist Areas ==
Bat 1-3 Neutral 1-6 CoD, Enid, OrgeC, FenC, HC, ImpH, RR, Targ, THvn, USH
Vampire Bat 15-25 Evil 12-16 +Poison, +Life +Drain Magic, 100% necro CoD, DH, OgreC, FenC, HC, Laby, SHav, Targ, USH, WHav
Screeching Horror 20-35 Evil 20-40 +Poison, +Life +Drain Magic, 50% elem, 100% necro Bar, CoD, DH, OgreC, FHP, ImpC, ImpH, SHav, Targ, USH
Desert Ratling 3-5 Neutral 2-10 Enid, FaeryC, NLein, OgreC, Tor, RR
Swamp Ratling 4-7 Neutral 1-7 +Poison FHP, OgreC
Cave Ratling 8-12 Neutral 1-7 DH, FaeryC, Forgtn, Laby, Nak, OgreC, Targ, Tor, THvn, USH, WHav
Plague Ratling 15-20 Evil 4-24 +Poison +Poison CoD, DH, Laby, OgreC, SHav, USH, WHav
Ogre Child 10-20 Neutral 10-20 none none OgreC, SHav, THvn, WHav
Ogre 20-40 Neutral 20-40 EmF, L-KRd, Laby, OgreC, SHav, THvn
Ogre Mage 40-60 Neutral 20-40 Multi-Blade 25% elem, 25% myst L-KRd, OgreC, THvn
Ugly Ogre 40-60 Neutral 40-60 ImpC, L-KRd, Laby, OgreC, THvn
Gukag 55 Neutral 50% myst OgreC
Wolf 5-9 Neutral 1-8 none none FenC, NLein, OrgeC, ImpC
Alpha Wolf 11-15 Neutral 4-12 none none FenC, OgreC, SHav, WHav