Loot Drop Locations and Drop Only Books

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Heads up: Any mob, in any cave, has a chance to drop any loot from that cave with the exception of Anvil

Low level Dungeons Drop Familiar gear and level 1 requirement weapons.

Mid and high level dungeons drop Professional gear and level 300 requirement weapons.

Heroics Drop Professional and Expert gear, level 300, 600 and 900 weapons.

Unique Dungeon Drops: Certain dungeons have loot found only in that dungeon or corresponding bounties chests. 

Drop Only Books

Spellbook Name Acronym Spell Circle Type Mana Cost Where its Found What it Does
Acid Cloud AC Necro 3 GH, Targoth's Tomb, FHP, USH Casts an acid cloud over a small area that damages targets under the area.
Anti-Magic Aura AMA Myst Prevents caster from being targeted by magic. Duration based on SDM.
Dark Bargain DB Necro Church of Damnation
Despothe's Wrath DW Elem
Doppleganger Dop Necro 18 WA, FHP, IH Summons a copy of caster with reduced health and damage.
Duach's Vengeance DV |Necro 20

USH, Naktos'

Calls upon Duach's wrath to damage the target (SDM based). There's a ~30% chance to instantly kill a target with <25% health and generates a "soul" for consumption to change alignment by 20 points.
Elphame's Justice EJ Sorc 20 Barracks Damages players with bounties on their head.
Enid's Blessing EB Thaum 1500 HC, Blacksmith's Bounty Fully heals all party and removes all negative status ailments.
Etherealize Eth Myst 500 Naktos',


Destroy contents of backpack (must be named ShopFood or backpack is also destroyed) and gives ~125% of its shop sale value.
Fumble Fum Myst 3 Tor's Fight before Boss, Targoth's Tomb Target monster loses grip on weapon
Greater Identify GiD Sorc 30 Low level undead Shows enchants and perms on items
Gust of Wind GoW Elem 3 Dragon Pit, Holy Caves, Barracks Casts a Gust of Wind to damage a target. Also damages nearby targets.
Illusionary Foe Ill Foe Myst 9 Greater Hive, The Maze Casts a random copy of the opposing party with reduced health and damage. Great for bosses.
Mabon's Forced Flee MFF Myst Forces members of the opposing party to flee from battle.
Mass Fumble MF Myst 30 FHP Bounty, Liches, Shadow Warriors Target monsters loses grip on their weapons
Mass Heal MH Thaum 60 Avalon Level 6 Thaum spell. Casts greater heal on entire party.
Poison Barrage PB Necro 150 Avalon, HC Level 6 Necro spell. Casts poison bolt against opposing party.
Sand Storm SS Elem HC, FHP Dark Faeries
Summon Elemental Sum Ele Elem 200 Avalon Level 6 Elem spell. Summons a random elemental.
Unlock Unlock Sorc 1 Low level undead Unlocks certain doors and chests


  • First Chest - Plate of Invulnerability, Magic Shield, Bracers of Defense
  • End Chests - Helm of Predator, Hood of Shifting, Helm of Khan, Ranger's Helm, Helm of Conqueror, Mage's Hat, Helm of Fianna, Nightmare Helm, Lady of The Realm Hat, Jester's Hat, Helmet of Defense, Berserker's Helmet, Helmet of Intelligence
  • All Mobs - Sb of GiD, Sb of Mass Fumble


  • First Chest (See map) - Finvarra's Belt (9/25/19 Tesla), Blessed Warhammer, SB Elephame's Justice (6/10/18), Proficient Elementalist's Pants (8/29/18), Proficient Necro Cowl (12/09/18), Proficient Warlords Cowl (9/25/19 Tesla)
  • Weaponry Chests(2) - Fam. Thau. Cowl, Blessed Warhammer, Fin Belt (8/22/18), Prof Warlord's Cowl (9/18/18), Proficient Thaum Pants, Prof Necro Cowl, Pro Elem Pants, Pro WW Pants (10/12/18), Fin Belt (07/11/2019), Pro Necro Pants (07/11/2019)
  • 3 Fury Fight - Proficient Necro Shirt (9/25/19 Tesla)
  • All Mobs -Finvarra's Belt, Elphame's Justice,Proficient Necro Legs, Blessed Warhammer (9/25/19 - Tesla)
  • Guardian/KK Fight (2 before Armory) - SB Elephame's Justice (6/7/18), Elphame's Justice (07/011/2019)
  • Guardian Bounty - Familiar Warlord's Cowl (6/9/18)
  • Guardian Mob - Blessed Warhammer (6/14/18) , Fuloran's Bounty (7/2/18), Pro Warlord's Pants (11/21/18)
  • Elemental/2KK/DK Fight - SB Sandstorm (7/4/18), SB Gust of Wind (9/9/18)
  • KK/Guard fight at 1st chest room - Prof Necro Cowl (8/1/18 - Kanizz)


  • First Chest - Holy Bounty, Expert Necro Bands (10/11/18)
  • Two Final Armory Chests - The Purge, Blacksmith's Bounty, Exp Elementalists Shirt (9/27/18), Vial Of Condensed Light (Crafting), Stormcaller (5/15/19)

Daemon Home (DH)

  • Ezelberoth -
  • Last Four Chests - Fin Fist (6/9/2018), Holy Symbol of Enid Familiar Necromancers Hat (6/21/18), Fangs of Hell (7/18/18), Prof WL Legs, Prof WL Helm (9/17/18), Pro Elem Hat (11/17/18)
  • All Mobs - Pro. WW Bandanna (9/6/18), Pro Necro Hat (9/6/18), Fin Fist ) Prof Thaum Pants (9/17/18).


  • Ezelberoth - Expert Necro Hat, Expert WW Bandanna, Finvarra's Fist, Spellbook of Poison Barrage, Spellbook of Summon Elemental, Agility Trinket, Melee Trinket , Glowie centurion march 24th 2021
  • Last Four Chests - Holy Symbol of Enid, Exp Thaum Hat (10/9/18), Finvarra's Fist, Spellbook of Poison Barrage, Mass Heal 
  • All Mobs - Finvarra's Fist (9/6/18).
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Finvarra's Fist, Holy Symbol of Enid

Dragon's Pit (DP)

  • All mobs (including bosses) - White Needle, Demonstroke, Brain Basher, Thief's Blade, Expert gear, Helm of the Conquerer, Helm of the Khan, Bleed Attack: Rank 1, Rank 2, Stun 2, Armor Ignore 2, Glowie Helms, Melee Perfection Trinket, Sorceror Attunement Trinket, Spellbook of Mass Heal
  • Grabak - Expert Warlord's Leggings, White Needle
  • Ofnir - Expert Warlord's Vest
  • Grafvollund - Proficient Necromancer Shirt, Adventurer's Might Trinket, Expert Warlord's Leggings
  • Svafnir - Demonstroke, White Needle
  • Goin - Expert Thaumaturgists Shirt, Illusionary Foe
  • Moin - Expert Warlord's Vest, Grafvitnir's Eye (Reagent for Master Boots/Shoes), SB of Summon Doppelganger, Armor Ignore: Rank 3, Glowie Saurian Helmet
  • Fafnir - The Purge, Demonstroke, The Brain Buster, Expert Elemental Shirt, Knight of the Scepter Baldric, White Needle, Proficient Armor, T-Cowl (2/1/2020), Fafnir's Eye (Reagent for Master Helmet/Hat)
  • Chest after Fafnir - White Needle, The Purge, Brain Buster, Spellbook of Summon Elemental / Knight Of Enids Baldric, Dark Knight Baldric, Knight of the Sceptor Baldric.

Enid's Safe Haven

  • Fight after Anagram trapdoor - Mirage Claymore, Enid's Bounty (6/30/18)
  • Chest - Any Familiar Gear, Mabonite (crafting material - 3/4/19)
  • Faery Queen/Dark Faery Chest Fight - Mirage Claymore (6/12/18)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Mirage Claymore

Fenris Caves

Festering Hate Pool (FHP)

  • Festering Bounty: Imp Talons, SB Acid Cloud
  • Any Mob: Imp talons, Any Familiar Gear
  • Lich Sarcophagus: Etherealize, Belt of Carry (12/16/18)
  • 5 wraith fight - unlock
  • Ghost bonepile - Belt of Carry (12/16/18), Bloody Mary's Mirror (Crafting), Naktos's Bounty (3/29/19), Imp Talons (6/10/2020)
  • Medusa fight - Gambler's Lucky Key
  • Plate of Density (1/2/19)
  • Warrior's Bounty (1/2/19)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Imp Talons

Forgotten Dungeon

  • Minotaur's Bounty: Prismatic Ward
  • All Mobs: The Wrath, Prof Gear- Dragon Scale Plate
  • Gatherer - Seer`s saber
  • Yellow Saurilian Alpha(rare spawn) - Prismatic Ward
  • Saurilian Arch Lich(rare Spawn) - uruz dagger 1/4/2019
  • Drudge Shaman(rare Spawn) -
  • Minos Prime - The Wrath, Heroic Forgotten Dungeon Key (2/26/2019)
  • Chieftain Key Bonepile - The Wrath, Heroic Forgotten Dungeon Key, Proficient Warlord's Boots (3/15/2019), Gamblers Lucky Key 13/04/09
  • The key to Minos is in the Bonepile through trap door C


  • Minos Prime - Expert Windwalker's Cowl, The Wrath
  • Chieftain Key Bonepile - Expert Windwalker's Cowl, Stormcaller (11/24/20)
  • Random Mobs - Expert Elem Cowl, Expert WW Bandanna (7/15/20), Stormcaller (7/15/20)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Fuloran's Abode (Fufu's)

  • Fuloran -Psion`s Morningstar,
  • Chest - Psion's
  • All Mobs - Prof Gear


  • Fuloran -Expert Elementalist's Hat, Expert WL Cowl, Expert Necro Cowl, Fuloran's Eye (Crafting)
  • Chest - Psion's Morningstar, Expert Thaum Hat, Exp WW Cowl (05/17/19 - TheRealm)
  • All Mobs - Brain Buster, SB of Summon Elemental (03/17/2019 Hellbind)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: 

Greater Hive (GH)

  • Queen - Illusionary Foe, Expert Thaum Shirt
  • All Mobs - The Bonecrusher (hornet)
  • Left Chest - Expert Thaum Shirt(2/11/2019), Mountain's Might, The Bonecrusher (2/17/2019)
  • Center Chest - The Bonecrusher, SB of Etherealize, Expert Necro Shirt, Mountain's Might (7/13/2020)
  • Right Chest - Mountain's Might, Expert WL Vest(2/18/2019)
  • Mob/Chest -
  • Mob before Queen - Expert Necro Hat
  • Wasp Queen Mob Before Kill Switch - Mountain's Might (3/24/2019)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Mountain's Might

Lesser Hive (LH)

Naktos Morgue

  • Naktos Reanimated - SB of DV, Etherealize , Vulcan Edge, Festering Bounty, Naktos Baldric
  • All Mobs: Any Familiar Gear, Etherealize, Spellbook of Dauch's Vengence
  • Naktos -Etherealize (7/3/18, 12/20/18) sb of DV (12/1/18), Vulcan Edge, Baldric, Pro Warlords Vest (10/10/2019)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Vulcan Edge, Naktos Baldric

Ogre Caverns

  • Final Chest: Floral Edge (6/4/18)
  • All Mobs- Floral Edge, Any Familiar Gear
  • Gukag: Floral Edge (2/27/2019), Ogre Patriarch's Hide (Crafting)
  • Magic Shield: On ground at southern most room. (1/2/2019)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Floral Edge

Hallow's End (Seasonal) - defunct

  • Chest - Jack-O-Lantern Helms, Pumpkin Baldric
  • Jack(Boss) - Jack-O-Lantern Helms, Pumpkin Baldric
  • All Mobs - Jack-O-Lantern Helms, Pumpkin Baldric

Holy Caves (HC)

  • All mobs (including Bosses): Seer's Saber, Moonlight Xiphos, Spellbook of Enid's Blessing, Expert level gear, Bleed Rank:2, SB of Poison Barrage, SB of Summon Elemental, Knight of Enid Baldric
  • Chest before First Boss: BoC, BoS, BoNs, Minor Rings & Amulets.
  • First Boss: Cade Gerhardt - Assassin's Choker/Hoop, Soldier's Band, Magician's Signet
  • Chest after First Boss: Soldier's Brooch, Magician's Charm, Magician's Signet
  • Second Boss: Divine Light - Spellbook of Sandstorm, Spellbook of Gust of Wind, Refracting Bastion, Brigand's Mark
  • Chest after Second Boss: Refracting Bastion
  • Sarcophagus between Second and Third Boss: 99% Shopfood
  • Third Boss: Enid's Handmaiden - Mage's Sash, Spellbook of Summon Elemental, EB, KoE baldric
  • Chest after Third Boss (requires unlock): Brigand's Mark, RB, Expert and Pro Gear, Mage Signet Soldiers Band Assassin Hoop
  • Fourth Boss: Benedict Silverkin - Expert gear, Seer's Saber, Moonlight Xiphos, Spellbook of Enid's Blessing, Stun Rank 2
  • Final Boss: Constantine Parmenus - Seer's Saber, Assassin's Hoop, Soldier's Band, Magician's Signet, Refracting Bastion, Constantine's Bible (Reagent for Master Shirt/Vest)
  • Chest at Final Boss: Blacksmith's Bounty, Melee Perfection Trinket , Sb of Enids Blessing
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Imp Haven (IH)

  • Chest(2KKs): Sword of Tiwaz, Dragonscale Plate (1/18/21)
  • All Mobs- Any Prof boots, Sword of Tiwaz


  • Chest(KK & IK): Expert Windwalker's Boots
  • 4 Imp Fight - Exp Necro Boots
  • Flame Deamon/Kilrog - Exp WW Boots
  • Final Chest - Exp WL Boots, Exp Necro Boots, Save the Queen
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Imp City (IC)

  • Chest after King - Mirage Claymore (Confirmed 6/2 - ToadHall), Familiar Windwalker's/Thaumaturgy/Necromancy Pants (10/8), Belt of Carrying (Confirmed 6/13 - Mesaana), Spiked Warmace - 9/23, Familiar Warlord's/Thaumaturgy Bands (10/8), Familiar Necromancer/Thaumaturgy Shoes, Familiar Necromancer Hat
  • Chest Guard/Warrior - Enids Bounty (10/8)
  • King, 2 Imp War, Necro - Spellbook of Mass Fumble (Confirmed 6/2 - ToadHall), Spiked Warmace (10/5), Familiar Necromancer Pants, Wizard's Hat
  • Fight Before King - Spellbook of Anti Magic Aura
  • Imp Guard - Mirage Claymore (super low chance)
  • Cave Ratling - Familiar Warlord's Leggings (10/8)
  • Random Imp - Spiked Warmace, Familiar Elementalist's Pants (10/8)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Snake Pit (SP)

  • Lava Serpent Fight:
  • Baby Dragon(Fight before chest): Proficient Necromancer Shirt (11/27/18)
  • Chest - Proficient Windwalker's Bands (11/27/18), Pro Elementalist Shirt (1/4/19)
  • 2 FD, 1 Kilrog, 1 Hell Snake - Pro Thaum Shirt(10/2/18)
  • The Keeper: The Executioner, Pro WL Bands (BigFate 9/25), Pro Thaum Bands (10/2/18), Pro WW Bands (12/8/20), DemonStroke (11/25/2020)
  • Two Baby Dragons + 3 Hell/Lava Snake: The Executioner (06/20/18)
  • Bounty - The Executioner (6/9/18)
  • Fury and Lich fight - Magic Shield (11/27/18)
  • Single Hell Snake-Pro Necro Bracers (12/8/2018)
  • 3 Kilrog, 1 Hell Snake - Pro WL Vest
  • Baby Dragon + 2 Hell Snakes - Helmet of Defence (08/15/19)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:


  • All Mobs - Exp Elem Pants (10/8/18)
  • The Keeper: Pro Thaum Boots, Expert Warlord's Boots, Executioner (10/28/18), Expert Elem Pants (10/28/18)
  • Chest - Vial of Condensed Night (crafting); Agile Perfection Trinket (8/19/19), DemonStroke
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Targoths Tomb (Targ's)

  • Maul of the Mists - random bat (6/4/18) 5 Zombie fight 6/27/18
  • Lich & CK Fight: Spell book of Unlock (2/10/21)
  • North Bone Pile - Maul of the Mists (2/10/21), Familiar Elementalist Bands 11/1/18
  • Targoth's Bounty - Maul of the Mists, Familiar Elementalist Bands
  • 6 Bat Fight - Familiar Thaumaturgist's Bands (10/06/18) Familiar Warlord's Boots ( 11/30/18)
  • Familiar Thaumaturgist's Pants, Familiar Elementalist's Shirt - 1st and 2nd fights after going up (1/3/19)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Maul of the Mists

The Foundry

  • Middle Chest (with 2 bone piles and lever) -
  • North Wing Chest - Prof. Thaum cowl, Prof Warlord's Pants, Nightmare Helmet, Exp Necro Pants (Heroic)
  • South Wing Chest - Prof. Windwalker pants, Plate of Invulnerability, Bracers of Defense, Nightmare Helmet, Holy Caves Bounty, Pro Elem Cowl (9/19/18)
  • Last Chest (after Blacksmith) - Plate of Invulnerability, Mundane Helmets, Pro WL Bands, Pro WL Helm (9/19/18)
  • Harlequin Fight -
  • Air Elemental -
  • The Blacksmith - Density Armor, Prof Elem Shoes, Glowie Boots of Nimbleness (3/20)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

The Maze

  • Maze Master - Yellow Maze Master Baldric (9/11/18)
  • Harlequins / Gremlins / Rapscallions - Plate of Invulnerability, Density gear, Mundane helms, Bracers of Defense, Plate of Insulation, Dragonscale Plate, Adm Weapons & Armor, SB Ill Foe (confirmed 9/12/18), SB MFF (rumored), Helm of Defense(1/20/19), Guardians Bounty(1/20/19)

The Underground

  • Mobs - Exp Thaum Pants, Weighted Aegis, Exp WW Boots
  • Chests (3 at end) - Exp WW Pants, Weighted Aegis, Skill Bauble
  • Dart - Sorc Attunement Trinket (1/5/2019)
  • Cloud Hopper - Mountain's Might (8/2022)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Thieves Hole (TH)

  • 5 Thief Fight: The Stinger, Familiar Necromancer's Cowl, Amulet of Fire Protection
  • All Mobs: Fam. Necro. Cowl, Fam. Warlord's Cowl (6/25/2018 - Whargoul), The Stinger, Fam Necro Bands (11/15/18)
  • North Chest: Belt of Carry, Bauble of Experience(1k), Familiar Warlord's Cowl, Fam. Elem. Cowl,
  • East Chest: The Stinger, Proficient Thaumaturgist's Cowl (6/6/18), Mirage Claymore (09/10/2018), Fam Thaum Cowl,, Amulet of Endurance(11/24/2018), Talindra's Bounty (Crafting)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Tor's Crypt

  • Sarcophagus - Spiked Warmace - (Confirmed June 3, 2018), Belt of Carry, Boots of Nimbleness, Familiar Thaum and Necro Shirts, Fangblade, Familiar Elem Bands, Familiar Windwalker Shirt
  • Bone Piles - Belt of Carry
  • Tor's Bounty: Fangblade
  • Thief's Bounty Familiar Windwalker's Cowl
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Spiked Warmace

Tulors Caverns (Tutu's)

  • Tulor - Thief's Blade (6/14/18), Snake Bounty (6/13/18), Fam Elem Shirt, Finvarra's BP (8/1/18), Pro Warlord's vest (11/30/18), RoI
  • Chest - Finvarra's BP
  • All Mobs - Familiar Elementalist's Shirt (2 Daemons) 6/12/18, Magic Shield (4 devil) 6/13/18, Fin BP (devil, 6/21/18) Familiar Necromancer's Shirt (Kilrogs), Familiar Warlord's Vest (7/9/18) (2 Daemons),
  • Last Chest - Thieve's Blade (6/8/2018), Fin backpack 6/13/18, Proficient Thaumaturgist's Shirt (11/3/18)
  • Room above switch room: Boots of Nimbleness
  • Five Fury's - Belt of Strength, Ring of Endurance
  • Fight before Tulor - Masked Bandanna


  • Mobs - White Needle, Pro Elem Shirt. Pro Thaum Shirt (9/28/18), Pro WL Bracers (10/12/18), SB of Poison Barrage, Exp Necro Shirt, Melee Perfection Trinket
  • Last Chest - Fin backpack, Caels Hide (crafting)
  • Tulor: Expert WW Bands
  • Unique Dungeon Drops:

Undead Stronghold (USH)

  • Dracus Ralumon - Proficient Thaumaturgist's Hat
  • Goth Ralumon - Uruz Dagger (9/10/2018)
  • Ginza Ralumon - 
  • Hedra Ralumon - Proficient Warlord's Helm, Uruz
  • Hapto Ralumon - Prof. Necro. Hat (6/25/2018)
  • Mother Ralumon - Proficient Windwaker's Bandanna (6/9/2018), SB of Duach's Vengeance (6/9/2018), Proficient Warlord's Helmet
  • Ghost - Proficient Windwalker's Bandanna
  • All Mobs - Prof Warlord Helm (6/15/18), SB of Duach's Vengeance (6/25/2018), Belt of Carrying
  • Imps -
  • Bones after Sarc 'C' - Uruz Dager (8/5/2018), SB of Unlock (6/15/18), SB of Duach's Vengeance (7/6/2018), Proficient Warlor'd Helmet (08/09/2018)


  • Mother Ralumon - Expert Elementalist's Cowl, Fury Point (12/29/2018), Exp Thaum Hat (7/18/20)
  • Medusa - Expert Elementalist's Cowl (12/29/2018)
  • Ginza Ralumon - Sb of Duach's Vengeance (12/29/2018),
  • Dracus Ralumon - Exp Windwalker's Bandanna (12/29/2018), Proficient Windwalker's Cowl (07/09/2019)
  • Devil - Sb of Duach's Vengeance (07/09/2019)
  • Bones after Sarc 'C' - Fury Point (7/18/20)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: - Rusty Shiv

Warrior's Abode (WA)

  • Bonepile w/ Devil: Familiar Windwalker's Bands, Proficient Windwalker's Bands, Proficient Necromancer's Band (11/21/18), Mageblade (7/22/18), Gambler's Lucky Key (7/8/18), Minotaur's Bounty (7/12/18), Rat Charmer (Crafting), Wizard Hat (1/9/2021), Undead Bounty (1/14/21)
  • Most 3+ Warrior Fights: SB GiD, SB Summon Doppelganger (1/14/21), SB Mass Fumble, Naktos Bounty (7/12/18)
  • Warrior Bounty: Proficient Necromancer's Bands
  • Two Warrior Fight - Proficient Warlord's Bands (6/10/18), Undead Bounty (7/8/18), Mageblade (1/11/21), Amulet (1/11/2021), Gambler's Lucky Key (1/14/21)
  • Unique Dungeon Drops: Mageblade

Dtarea (Prestige Area)

  • Helmet of Defense(Gargoyle)
  • Level 7 Skill Books
  • SB of Forget(Stinging Fury)

World Drops

ADD King Kilrog - Bracers of Defense

Barrens Daemon King - Helm of Defense, Hood of Shifting (7/16/18)

Rumored Drops

[6/27/18 - 2:24AM] ShadowLord: I don't think EB is exclusive to HC only