Imp Haven

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Imp haven.png


  • Necromancer's Boots, Expert
  • Warlord's Boots, Expert
  • Windwalker Boots, Expert
  • Save the Queen
  • Uruz Dagger (1/16/2020)


Bolfs' 163

  • Expert Leggins all except Thaum.
  • Expert Shoes all except Thaum.
  • Sword of Tiwaz
  • Save The Queen
  • Bleed 1
  • Skill Baubles
  • Wasp Bounty- Etherize
  • Gamblers Lucky Key
  • Save the Queen


  • Key in Room 17 from the mobs TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR BAG STRAIGHT AWAY, don't Etherize it.
  • The keys can't be save can't be save for a later day.
Name Level Align Dam Traits Resist Areas
Bat 1-3 Neutral 1-6 CoD, Enid, OrgeC, FenC, HC, ImpH, RR, Targ, THvn, USH
Screeching Horror 20-35 Evil 20-40 +Poison, +Life +Drain Magic, 50% elem, 100% necro Bar, CoD, DH, OgreC, FHP, ImpC, ImpH, SHav, Targ, USH
Flame Daemon 100-150 Evil 40-200 +Fire, Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead +Death Wish, +Fire, -Cold, 35% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro Asc, CoD, DH, ImpH, SPit, Tulor, USH, WanW, WildB, Zen 
Daemon King 300-800 Evil 190-200 Bludgeon, +Fire, Immo, ElecSpells, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead, SumDaemon +Death Wish, +Fire, -Cold, 50% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro Bar, Brck, CoD, ImpH, Tulor 
Kilrog 200-400 Evil 100-300 Bludgeon +Death Wish, 25% elem, 25% myst, 100% necro Asc, Bar, DH, Dwn, ImpH, SPit, Tulor, USH, WinW 
King Kilrog 300-900 Evil 240-400 Bludgeon, CrushBoulder, DeathTouch, StealLife, SumUndead, SumDaemon +Death Wish, 35% elem, 75% myst, 100% necro Asc, Brck, DH, Ful, ImpH, Tulor
Faery Queen 35-45 Good 24-33 Heal, Confusion, Mass Fumble, Summons lesser Faeries -Fire, 35% sorc, 35% elem, 35% myst, 35% necro EmF, Enid, FaeryC, ImpH, USH
Wraith 18-30 Evil 18-30 100% necro, 100% myst DH, FHP, ForgD, ImpH, SHav, THvn, USH
Ghost 40-50 Evil 15-25 Lightning, Curses, FlameOrb +Acid, +Poison, +Death Magic, 25% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro, 50% out of phase DH, FHP, ImpH, L-LRd, THvn, USH
Fury 100-150 Neutral 50-75 +Fire, +Poison, +Electrical, Fireball, Lightning, Curses +Acid, +Poison, +Cold, +Fire, 125% elem, 50% myst, 100% necro, 50% out of phase Anvil, Brck, DH, FHP, ImpH, SPit, THvn, Tulor, USH, WanW, WexV, WildB, Zen
Imp Slave 10-20 Neutral 7-17 ImpC, ImpH, Laby, SHav, WHav
Imp Citizen 20-30 Neutral 15-25 Heal ImpC, ImpH, SHav
Imp Guard 30-40 Neutral 25-65 ImpC, ImpH, Laby, K-LRd, SHav
Imp Necroman 40-50 Evil 20-25 Night Friends 25% myst, 25% thau ImpC, ImpH, L-KRd, USH
Imp Warrior 50-60 Neutral 45-55 BW, Dev, ImpC, ImpH, Laby, L-KRd, USH, WildB
Imp King 70-80 Neutral 65-75 75% myst Anvil, BW, Dev, FHP, ImpC, ImpH, L-KRd
Medusa 50-100 Evil 30-60 +Poison +Poison, 35% magic BW, Enid, HC, ImpH, THvn, Tulor, USH, WildB
Wood Ratling 2-4 Neutral 2-8 FaeryC, ImpH, RR, Tor, THvn
Troll King 55-70 Neutral 60-75 EarthQuake, Fire Orb, Ice Orb, Lightning Bolt 30% sorc, 30% elem, 30% myst BW, Dev, EmF, L-KRd, FHP, ImpH, THvn
Wasp Warrior 12-16 Neutral 14-18 ++Poison, 20% Stun -Fire, 25% elem FHP, ImpH, Laby, LHive, SHav, WHav