Greater Hives

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How to do Greater Hives - By Monkey (cleaned up by IkithME) (added notes: BabyOxide, 19 Apr 2022)

Note: You will need an unlock spell and two toons to perfectly completely this dungeon.

Enter Greater Hives, go down twice, at the three-way intersection go right twice and continue through the door.

Go down twice down then right three times to a four-way intersection. Go up three times and kill the Wasp Healers then send one toon to the left, activate the button (this will kill your toon), enter the trap door and activate the second button.

Note: These two buttons above are for the chests along the way. They are not required for the wasp queen chests at the end.

Gather your toon back and head back to the four-way intersection and go right three times to the chest.

Go back to the four way intersection and go down twice, then left one, at the three levers the top most one will kill the toon that activates it, the middle one will CC the toon activating it and snakes will be summoned and jump you and the bottom most one will cast rust on the character that activates it. Activate all three levers. (Try this order to avoid death: 1Middle, 2Bottom, 3Top. 2020-12-08)

Head back to the four-way intersection, then head left one. Have one toon sit on the mushroom and another toon sit on the rock and have the toon on the rock stand up, this will teleport you to a one way area that leads to the stash, go right once, then go down once and fight the Wyrms, go left once and kill the mobs here so they don’t take any of your sweet loot then pick things up. (Strikethrough, not required, BabyOxide)

Have the other toon that you left behind gather your toon in the stash and go left twice and then up twice and continue through the door. You can also sit on the mushroom in the room where you killed the Wyrms and it will teleport you back to the entrance.

You will be back at the entrance pathway, head all the way left here then continue through the door. Kill the wasps in this torch room and go to the right three times, then down twice, you will see a stairway, head left once kill the wasps here and activate the button then go back to the staircase and enter it. Activate the button then enter the door.

Head down to a screen with two buttons, the one surrounded in rubies will kill you and the one surrounded in turquoise will teleport you, you need to activate both. (The death button can be avoided by going one up and sitting on the mushroom, a second toon can be sent back one down to activate the right button safely.) (Ignore the left button if sitting on mushroom. - BabyOxide)

Kill the baby wasps here if you choose and head up once, kill the queen and head up again.

There are three chests in this room, the one on the left is open, the one on the right needs to be unlocked and the one in the center will unlock when you sit on the invisible stump. (Try Chest order to avoid stump killing you: 1Unlock Right chest, 2Open left chest, 3 sit on stump to open center chest)

You have completed Greater Hives.

Longer fight/Exp Run: at the wasp and torch chamber, go left and you will arrive at the same location as taking the stairs from the right side. However, the button here now will trigger a 5x wyrm fight because of a missing activation. After the fight, and consequently activating the missing button which is probably the one in the fireplace wasp room, you will need to de-activate this button and re-activate it again to open the door. (BabyOxide)


  • Proficient Gear:
    • Windwalker's Shirt (2020/12/09)
  • Belts:
    • Belt of Load (2020/12/09)
  • Weapons:
    • The Bonecrusher (2020/12/09)
    • The Bonecrusher(2020/12/11) Fire Wasp in first fight
  • Spellbooks;
    • Greater Identify (2020/12/09)
    • Illusionary Foe (2020/12/11) Queen
  • Other:
    • Gamblers Lucky Key (2020/12/09)

Name Level Align Damage Traits Resist Areas
Mouse 1 Neutral 1-6 GHive, USH
Fire Wasp 600-1000 Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Stinging Fury Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Wasp Healer Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Evil Bee 600-1000 Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Hornet Neutral ADD, Anvil, Asc, GHive
Baby Wasp Neutral GHive
Queen Wasp Neutral GHive