Gods and Goddesses

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The gods and goddesses of the Realm are nigh-omnipotent beings that preside over The Realm and its inhabitants, offering their influence, blessings and knowledge to the mortals below in exchange for tribute and reverence. There are six core deities known within the Realm, held here (along with the mortals) by a mysterious entity known only as the Mists. Their motives vary wildly and offer checks & balances to one another, but each has a specific attunement they allude to, as seen below.


Enid is the goddess of peace, nature and light. She grants the gift of holy and benefit-instilling magic under the sphere known as Thaumaturgy, and has been credited with the creation of the fae races. Though tranquil in spirit and kind in nature, her wrath is a force to be reckoned with when her servants and subordinates are threatened.


Mabon is the god of magic, responsible for the flow of mana in all things and the general creation of 'magic' in general, through which the other gods and goddess may infuse their own variants. Mabon is considered a hermit among the gods, preferring to be left alone while he tinkers and works on new recipes and magical items that he might bless the mortals with at some point. He is responsible for the curious and mind-bending magical arts known under the sphere of Mysticism.


Despothes is the self-proclaimed king of the gods, though his appearance in and around the upper realm is rare and uncommon. It is said that all other gods are required to seek his approval in their bestowing of gifts upon the mortals, but it is unknown if this is merely religious propaganda or not. The wild and untamed forces of nature contained within the magical sphere of Elementalism are said to be his gift upon the world.


Finvarra is the god of war and battle, delighting in the ring of steel and thundering hooves that threaten to rain bloodshed down upon the ground. He is said to possess a smithery and forge that is capable of making unrivaled weapons and armor, some of which he occasionally releases to the mortals so that they may continue to vie for power amongst themselves. He denies involvement in the magical arts, preferring a sword to a staff at all times.


Duach is the god of darkness and decay, fulfilling a role in the upper pantheon opposite that of Enid. He is responsible for the hellish abominations that roam the Realm, including most undead and the vicious Fenri, and is credited with providing the devious and vile arts that encompass the sphere of magic known as Necromancy. His lust for power occasionally threatens the balance of the Realm itself, especially given his constant schemes and attempts to harness the power of the Mists.


Elphame is the goddess of death and judgment. Though her similarities to Duach are apparent, her demeanor is significantly different - she is the keeper of the dead and weighs the sins of the living against their fate that awaits them on the other side. She is responsible for the multipurpose, functional arcane arts that form the magical sphere of Sorcery, and is rumored to be specifically involved with the Mists, somehow. She is completely neutral in her position among the gods, refusing to take sides, bribes or opportunities to advance her position.