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Occasionally, in-game staff will hold events for players with prizes such as Coppers, Silvers, Seasonal Items, and other rare items. Here is a compilation of the list of known events.


Big House

Big House is a game played directly against the event host. The event host will summon the player to them to begin the event. The player will /roll against the event host to see who has the higher rolls. It is played in a best 2-out-of-3 contest with the event host sometimes giving an extra mercy roll if their rolls have been very high. If the player wins, they will get to pick a chest and win the items inside. Depending on the event host, if the player rolls a 0 or 100, they will receive an additional special prize. If the player loses the contest, the event host will send them to in-game jail for a short period of time. While in jail, the player cannot cast spells or talk in any channels other than the Event channel as long as it is not set to read-only.

[Event Tab]

Greetings, if you would like to play BIG HOUSE roll game BE WARNED!!This event might cost you jail time! Best 2 out of 3 /roll. If you win, you get to pick a chest, you lose, you will spend time alone with a mouse. How much time? 15 minutes!

If you understand the warning please /t me with YES and I will bring you here to play.


Eggs is a seasonal Easter game where the event host will hide eggs around one or multiple towns. The eggs can be returned to the event host for a prize. The eggs will also contain either a seasonal item or Silvers.


Greed is a game of chance. The event host will summon the player to them. The player opens a chest/basket and decides if they want to keep the contents or open a different chest/basket which may or may not contain better prizes.

[Event Tab]

Greetings! If you would like to play GREED First xx people to /t me with GREED! I will bring them here one at a time to play a game. When you get to the game room please click on room tab. I will open my /tells up in a few moments. Please watch the event tab window for more information. Thank you and Good Luck!

[Room Tab]

Greetings and welcome to GREED! I am [Moderator]. Please stand on the pad next to basket.

Open the basket and decide if you want to keep that or choose one of the 3 chests. BE WARNED they do not all hold treasure. But the treasure inside one might be greater than the one in basket.

Choose now to take the prize in the basket or risk it for GREED!

Hunting Season

Quick Rolls

Quick Rolls is a game where the event host will teleport to the player and play a best 2-of-3 game of rolls (/roll). Winning the game results in a prize and Coppers. Losing the game will still result in the player obtaining Coppers.

Shopping List

Shopping List is a game that has players hunt for items and then turning them in for a prize that is pre-selected or chosen by the player depending on the moderator hosting the event. The game typically consists of finding 3 or 4 items in the following formats:

1 common item, 1 less common item, and 1 rare or unusual item
2 common items, 1 less common item, and 1 rare or unusual item

Items are placed into a backpack and engraved with a player's name. The backpack is then handed over to the event host and the player selects their prize from prizes displayed.

Speedy Seek

Speedy Seek is a game where players try to find the event host. The host will give a description of the location for the players to find with the first person to find the host winning a prize. Other players finding the host can also receive coppers or other minor prizes. The event host may also play other in-room games with all players present.


Trivia is a game where all players will gather in the same room as the event host. The event host will ask a question and whoever is the first to answer will win a prize. The game is usually played in multiple rounds with event hosts awarding rarer items for answering more challenging questions.